Things on My Cradle List

Having kids is a huuuuuuge decision. Jenn and myself are super excited about having kids, but there are a few things we want to do before we pop out a bunch of mini mes. 

I'm writing this to see if you have any other things for us to add. Whether you're a parent or not, do you have anything for us to accomplish before kids?

  1. Trip to Europe
  2. Pay off most of our debt
  3. Acquire a house
  4. Grow more in our careers
  5. Trip to Hawaii
  6. Weekend trip to Duluth
  7. Get a dog
  8. Convince Jenn's parents to buy a place in the Twin Cities so we have free daycare lol
  9. Learn how to dance
  10. Spend a week in NYC

What do you think? Any notable things to add?

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