State Fair Unveils 27 New Drinks & Here are the Ones I'm Excited For

I'm not really sure how i'll be able to survive the State Fair. I get to do my show there and i'm like, how am I not going to consume under 5,000 calories each day??

The food is always awesome as everyone has been telling me, but i'm stoked for the beverages!!! The list goes as followed..... Btw.... the ones i'm the most excited for are the first three listed:

  1. Uffda Ale
  2. The Shandlot Pink Lemon Shandy
  3. Helles Ya, You Betcha
  4. Brewzo Lager
  5. Cake'd Up Celebration Beer
  6. Caramel Corn Cream Ale
  7. Frontier Summer IPA
  8. Funnel Cake Cream Ale
  9. Gaelic Dark & Stormy
  10. Horse Apple Ale
  11. It Takes 2 to Tango and 3 to Mango
  12. Juicy LuLuLucy
  13. Key Lime Pie
  14. Kirby Pucker #34
  15. The Kloser IPA
  16. LimeLight
  17. Margarita-Style Kettle Sour Ale
  18. Mobster Mule Bubble Trouble
  19. Orange Cream Ale
  20. Passion Fruit Pils
  21. Raspberry Champow
  22. Slipstream Black Currant Apple
  23. Sociable Mimosa or Bellini
  24. Spumoni Tsunami
  25. St. Apple Malted Cider
  26. St. Pat's Green Ale
  27. Strawberry Mint Fro-Le

Description of each drink located hither

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