The Big Mac is Turning 50 and McDonald's is Celebrating with "MacCoins"

My favorite fast food item is turning 50 and everything is great.

The Big Mac is turning 50 and McDonald's is celebrating this historic anniversary with the release of "MacCoins".

"...customers can receive a MacCoin with the purchase of a Big Mac at 14,000 participating restaurants across the United States, McDonald's announced Sunday. 

And what's the coin good for? Another Big Mac.

Customers can redeem the new currency for a free Big Mac starting Friday and running throughout the rest of 2018."


ARE. YOU. KIDDING ME!??? All I have to do is buy a Big Mac and I get another one for freeeeee!?? THIS IS THE GREATEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE!!

I just had a Big Mac on Saturday night and you can bet your booty I'll be getting another one on Thursday. 



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