Murder Monday: A Prescription For Murder - The Killing of Dr. Teresa Siever

Dr Teresa Siever was an accomplished doctor specializing in holistic medicine in Florida. 

Teresa and her husband, Mark, and their kids had gone to visit family in upstate New York in mid-June while Teresa deciding to come home early so she could keep appointments with clients. She called Mark from the airport on Sunday evening after arriving late.  

The next morning her office staff arrived for her first scheduled appointment at 9 am, no Dr. Siever, then her 9:30 arrived and still she's nowhere to be seen. A longtime nursing assistant knew something was wrong so they contacted Mark who sent the doctor friend over to check on her because this was not like her.  That's when she was discovered...dead. 

The Murder of Teresa Sievers - Additional Links

Teresa Sievers text conversations with husband show ups and downs of their relationship

48 Hours special on the Murder of Teresa Sievers

Teresa's killer describes how they did it. 

Below is video from a Missouri Highway where police were able to find a bloody jumpsuit.

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