Tips for Flying and Keeping Your Sanity from a Mother of Triplets

The mother of three would take long flights and here’s how she survived long-haul flights from Australia to Hawaii with toddler triplets and kept her sanity.

  • Acceptance - You have kids, so forget the impulsive, spontaneous ways you may have traveled before being a mom and get used to planning, preparation, organizing, and packing for the family.
  • Belief – People travel all the time. Even those with babies manage to get on flights and so can you.
  • Use your luggage wisely – Bag riders saved space and our sanity. For her triplet toddlers, this smart mama found suitcases with strap-in seating, like these made by Mountain Buggy Bagrider. This luggage converts to a kind of stroller-like set up to securely seat toddlers when they’re tired of walking or need to be contained so you can get through the airport with your bags and your sanity.
  • Book travel around sleep patterns - Early morning flights mean a long day of traveling for little ones and sometimes no amount of coaxing, iPad time, or unhealthy snacks will soothe an upset toddler. So after her experience, this mom advises booking evening flights no matter the cost.
  • Confirm travel plans and speak the lingo - Coming from Australia, she spent an hour in the hotel reception area asking for cots for the babies to sleep in and got nowhere. Until she discovered that in America, we call a cot a “Pack and Play.”
  • Pack bags early and enjoy your holiday - With all the gear, diapers, emergency supplies, and clothing you need to travel with kiddos, making lists and packing early can be a vacation saver. And when it’s all done, you can sit back and relax before you depart knowing you’ve got everything you need.