Happy Ninth Birthday to My Daughter Olivia!

I remember a few things about the day my daughter Olivia was born. I remember the day before going on a jog and thinking, "things are about to be a lot different".  (No duh) I also remember holding her skin to skin for the first time, she had nails that were pointy and I was nervous the entire time that she'd cut me. 

 Since the day Olivia was born she's always been a funny, creative, sweet girl that just want to love other people. She's also been funny, this video is from when she was three years old, back then I knew she was a Minnesota baby because it didn't matter how cold it was outside we'd spend hours playing outside in the cold. Olivia is our little "monkey" a name we don't use as much that I actually miss.

As time went on she continued to be a sweet funny girl but she also became a big sister to a little brother named Isaac and to two dogs, Charlie and Murray. I am honestly still surprised how quickly time has gone, she's NINE, when did that happen?!?! As a parent, there are times when it seems like time is going at a glacial pace but then one day you look up and your baby girl is nine years old and the little baby is a beautiful young lady! Happy Birthday Olivia!