Karlie Kloss's Engagement Ring Is MASSIVE!


Congrats to Karlie Kloss and new fiancé/longtime boyfriend Josh Kushner! 

If you're asking yourself, who the F is Josh Kushner? You've probably heard of his brother, Jared. Josh is a tech entrepreneur and proposed to Karlie during a romantic getaway in the Amalfi Coast.

They hang out with David Geffen a lot... One of my life goals is to be invited on his yacht. 

Yeah, me too. I'm friends with Paul McCartney too.

Ahhhhh love.

Well yesterday, Karlie finally took to social media to share the reactions of friends and family to the news of her engagement. This included a couple ring shots and O M G. It's HUGE!!

- but actually -

I don't know anything about diamonds or engagement rings. I can't tell you what shape or karat that is. All I can say is that's one big ass diamond and #goals.

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