April The Giraffe is Pregnant!

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Everyone remembers the birth of April the giraffe. It was the viral sensation of Spring 2017.

Our girl April is about to have her fifth, yes fifth baby!

April the Giraffe, whose online livestream of her pregnancy in the spring of 2017 captivated millions, is pregnant again. This will be the 17-year-old’s fifth baby. She is due in 2019, and the live cam is already up and running on Animal Adventure Park’s YouTube page. . In this photo from Animal Adventure Park’s Facebook page, April is pictured during her pregnancy with Tajiri, who she gave birth to on April 15, 2017. . #aprilthegiraffe #🦒 #animaladventurepark #baby #pregnant #livestream

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April isn't due till 2019, but there is already a live cam up and running!


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