I Can't Stop Watching Videos Of People Being Adjusted.

Have you ever fallen down the YouTube rabbit hole?

Cuz I sure have! Recently I fell down and found myself in the land of chiropractic medicine. Why? We'll never know how I got there, the important thing was that I found it.

If you've never understood the appeal of those pimple popping videos, then you might not understand this either, or maybe this will actually float your boat, but dang it's satisfying to watch.

Now there are several chiropractors with YouTube channels, but I've been loving Dr. Rahim Gonstead. To me, he's the Dr. Sandra Lee of chiropractics. Dude knows what he's doing and he talks you through all his appointments. I'm not really here to learn tho, I'm just looking for those good cracks. 

Fun Fact: Do you know that sound your body makes when you "crack" it? That's nitrogen releasing, not your bones rubbing together. 

Here are some of my favorite videos -

This is the first one I found. I find it extremely satisfying because I also grew up dancing and there would always be random pains in your body that stopped you from doing the things you needed to do. This ballet dancer is suffering from hip problems and Dr. Gonstead cracks her neck, her NECK and it fixes her hip. #Science

Skip to 6:00 for the crack.

Here is another ballet dancer - also another fun fact, ballet is the worst possible thing you can do to your body. Nothing you do in ballet (literally nothing) is good for your body. It defies all laws of nature and as such messes. you. UP.

Skip to 3:50 for a great back crack

This nice lady got thrown from a horse (ouch).

Skip to 4:20 for the neck.

Skip to 5:55 for a tricky little upper back.

Skip to 7:03 for the back.

Skip to 8:00 for the shoulder reset.

He even adjusted Austin Mahone!!

There's a lot more where that came from. Get lost my fellow YouTube junkies! 

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