How Addiction Shaped My Life - Thoughts on Demi Lovato

According to TMZ,

Demi Lovato was rushed to an L.A. hospital after suffering what appears to be a heroin overdose.... Law enforcement told TMZ the news. 

She is currently being treated and we're unaware of her condition.

More on that story here

This is kind of a heavy confession. I started to type this out a few times and didn't really know which way to take it but I guess i'm going to be brutally honest. I get that radio people are supposed to be positive and funny and make situations better than what they truly are... I just can't do that with this story. This story is sad. It's heartbreaking, upsetting & It stirs up a lot of emotions in me. 

I grew up around drugs and alcohol abuse. My parents weren't the greatest example. I was always nervous at home. Random people would stop by and hangout in our garage until late hours into the night. I guess I was around 12-13 when I found out my step parent was dealing and using out of said garage. 

One night me and my buddy decided it was a good idea to break into my garage and destroy all paraphernalia. 

The next day my parents were in the middle of this huge fight. Referring to their drugs as "money" lost. 

That was always my moms go to. "Someone stole 200 out of my purse!" In reality that 200 had nothing to do with actual cash, just the amount her drugs were worth. I disposed a lot of her drugs throughout the years and listened to her deny deny deny. 

Eventually I grew up, moved away & gave up trying to help her. 

That's when she wrapped her car around a tree. She was high and drunk and went to jail for 6 months. She is so much better now and i'm ridiculously happy about that. It sucks that she couldn't have my best interest in mind when I was growing up, but we're working on having a better relationship today.


That stuff did help me out in the end. It shaped me to hate drugs. I have never experimented with them.

My brother on the other hand, he didn't take the same direction as me:

Really the only way for someone to fully get out of their addiction is to believe in themselves and fight every single day. I think Demi needs to be surrounded by her family and friends at all times. It sucks, but she needs a babysitter. Like my brother, she can't be trusted to do it on her own. It's too difficult.

I hope she finds a way. As fans we need to stand behind her and be her biggest cheerleaders. 

Prayers to her & everyone else who has been effected by drugs. 

Heavy post but I appreciate you reading. 

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