Colts Weekend in 5 Photos 7/23-7/24

This weekend was super awesome. 

My wife was visiting from Florida. I hadn't seen her for like 4 weeks. 

She got in Friday night & I picked her up after the show! We chilled Friday night with the cats, they were super excited to see her as she's been absent for a while. They even tried to stop her from leaving via fur bombing her suitcase:

She actually was pleased to hear that I scored her Luke Bryan tickets. She loves country music sooooo I got some husband points. Her friends were even at the concert:

We managed to capture somewhat of a good picture.... Jenn looks quite better than me though....

After our crazy night of drinking at Target Field, we needed to slam some carbs to prevent a hangover. 

We went to Pizza La Vista. Except, IT WAS EXPENSIVE AS HELL. I mean great food but we got three slices of pizza and a water for like 26 dollars. Idk how to feel about that considering NYC pizza is $2.50 a slice for some of the best za I've ever had in my life, but whatever. 

Sunday was really chill as well. 

We got up a little early, shopped at target, came back home & walked over to the movie theater. 

We watched Mama Mia II. It held up, super dope!!!

We got home around 2p and binge watched American Horror Story until 10p lol. It was a struggle but I got to enjoy much needed relaxation time with Jenn. 

Hope your weekend was filled with awesomeness!!! 

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