Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Date Night and My Son is Patient

Summer goes way to fast.  Two things I promised I would do this summer is go on more dates with Kristy and go fishing with Isaac and I did both this weekend, unfortunately, back to back with little sleep in between. Kristy and I ended up going on on Friday night to dinner, saw the movie TAG which I thought was great and then went to see a 90's cover band named Drink 182 that were pretty good. 

Kristy and I were out until 1am and then Isaac was up early on Saturday because he knows the best time to fish is early when they're hungry.  Isaac is my child but his patience makes me question that because we fished for FOUR hours on Saturday and I think he could've stayed out there another four hours. He LOVES it.

After that he did tryout for travel soccer which he says he really wants to do, this is him heading to the tryouts on Saturday. Fun fact, parents aren't allowed to be around for tryouts, not sure why.  LOL. 

The picture below is from last Friday, so let me back up a minute.  Last I paid Isaac and one of his buddy a couple bucks to clean the garage and now everyone thinks, we do something nice and the sucker will start giving me money.  I DID NOT FOLD, those children got NOTHING from me.  NOTHING!  

Finally, picture from our backyard, I don't care I LOVE sunflowers, they're amazing and easy.  These are just some of them, we have the MASSIVE ones that are so tall I can't even reach high enough to get a pic of the bloom.  

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