McDonald's Is Hooking You Up With FREE French Fries!


I repeat - NOT a drill! - McDonald's is giving away FREE french fries!

Yes. The world famous, most tasty, most delicious, McDonald's fries can be YOURS! 

If you download the app and use the coupon, you can get a FREE medium fry once every Friday, as long as you buy at least $1 worth of other stuff.

That's it. $1 worth of stuff. Let me please remind you of the items on the $1 menu.

SOURCE: McDonald's

Cheeseburger + Medium fry = Classic.

McChicken + Medium fry = So good.

Sausage Burrito + Medium fry = Honestly, not sure, but proabably awesome.

Any Size Soft Drink (Diet Coke obvi) + Medium fry = Cold & Sweet with Hot & Salty, perfection. 

I see your $1 and I raise you $1 -

BAM the $2 menu!

SOURCE: McDonald's

So you say you're a big spender?

WA-BAM the $3 menu!

SOURCE: McDonald's

Buy ANY of these item on their app and get free, again FREE fries.

McDonald's has a whole bunch of other app-only deals that they're doing until the end of the year, too. You can get a free soft drink with a $1 purchase on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or you can get a 20-piece McNuggets any day of the week for $4.99.

Happy eating!


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