A 21 Year-Old Girl is Oblivious and It's Awesome Watching Her Crash & Burn

On Sunday, the website Refinery29.com published a "money diary" from a 21-year-old marketing intern at Siggi's Yogurt company.  The headline read, quote, "A Week in New York City on $25-an-Hour."


That's not possible!!! That's simply not enough money but she documents how she pulls it off and what her average day looks like as an intern making $25-an-hour, or $750-a-week?  Well . . . here's how.  If you get deeper into the article and the woman's breakdown of her costs, it becomes clear.


 Her cost for rent:  $2,100 . . . which her parents pay.  

Student loans:  $0, her parents paid for college.  

Health insurance:  $0, she's on her parents' plan.  

Phone:  $0, she's on her parents' plan.  Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon:  $0, again thanks to her parents.

 So SHE'S not really making it work, her parents and her grandparents are helping her do it by giving her an additional $1,100 a month allowance so she's not REALLY slumming it, they're taking care of her paying for a majority of her bills. 



 So what DOES she pay for?  Her monthly tanning and waxing . . . her $210 gym membership . . . MoviePass . . . and going to restaurants.

 EVERYONE is now mocking the woman's obliviousness. And while this is so tone deaf it seems like it might be satire, Refinery29 isn't presenting it that way at all . . . in fact, they've updated the headline to, quote, "A Week in New York City on $25-an-Hour and $1k Monthly Allowance" but that still isn't completely honest because HER PARENTS ARE PAYING HER RENT!!!!!!!!!!  

Again, sit back and laugh while you read her article here. 

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