We Built a $400 Porch Swing for $67 - Here's How We Did It

Chair Swings are a classic home decoration that's both functional and look good but they can be expensive. Kristy and I found a chair swing made from rustic barn wood online but it was over $400 which is something we just didn't want to spend so we built our own. We ended up spending only $67 and used 2x6 and 2x3 from Home Depot. 

The chair is connected using mostly pocket hole screws.  If you're a person that wants to get into DIY projects and don't know what a Kreg Jig is it's worth the money you spend to get it because it makes pocket holes simple. I drew up plans by basically drawing a version of the porch swing based on the dimensions they provided and then filled in any gaps or questions by using tutorials I found on other sites like Instructable and This Old House.

A key to remember is you'll want to make sure you have flat edges that can be joined together so plan to cut a 1/4 inch off each side of the lumber. I also used the 2x6 to cut the armrests and back which is an efficient use of lumber. 

We ended up staining the wood and using rope instead of a chain with a knot at the end of each to keep it from slipping through the eye hole. For me, the hardest part of the entire thing is making sure the swing is securely attached to the studs in the porch roof. My wife ended up having her mom make a cushion for the seat since the seat is a bit wide and got some pillows from Target and the result s an easy to build porch swing perfect for being outside. 

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