Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 7/13-7/15

Another busy weekend - another weekend of no sleeping in for Tina.

Friday 7/13 -

Was definitely not feeling up to being exciting on Friday (let's be honest, when am I ever?) so I went and saw Incredibles 2 again with Harry & Jake.

#NomNomCookie - this is the best part of the movie - don't even try and argue - I will fight you.

Saturday 7/14 -

#KDWBDragBrunch! I had so much fun on the first ever KDWB Drag Queens Overboard! It was awesome to meet so many of you!

After the boat I hit the pool & then dinner with my friends Lauren & Ben at Red Rabbit. Lauren and I always share their meat & cheese board. It's epic. We have never successfully finished a board.

My Saturday night was #lit.

Sunday 7/15 -

We went to visit my grandma on Sunday. She lives in Fairmont, MN. We always go to eat at this little place on the lake called the Channel Inn. 

None of this was healthy & it tasted AMAZING.

This is my grandma, she's pretty awesome. She lost her front tooth yesterday and didn't want to smile for this picture. I love her a lot.

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