Here's the #1 Reason You Shouldn't Leave The Toilet Seat Up Ever Again

While men and women have fought for ages about leaving the toilet seat up, the one thing they probably haven’t paid much attention to is the toilet seat cover...and they probably should. Most people are probably too lazy to actually shut the toilet cover every time they flush, and by not doing it, they’re allowing gross germs to spread all over the place. 

“You get a good spray out of the toilet area,” Charles P. Gerba, a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, tells the “New York Post.” “When droplets come out of the toilet, it looks like the Fourth of July.”

The so-called “aerosol effect” is practically spreading fecal bacteria and viruses throughout your bathroom. And with the average person flushing toilet five to six times a day, or 2,000 flushes a year, that is a lot of germs. According to Jason “The Germ Guy” Tetro, each time you flush, “any microbes deposited into said toilet may be sent into the surrounding environment.” Plus, bacteria can rise up to 10-inches in the air, and will linger for as long 90-minutes. Makes you want to start moving your toothbrush out of the room, no?

And if you think having a low flow toilet is protecting you from such spray...sorry Charlie. Scientists have already proven that the aerosol effect is just as bad with low-flow toilets, bringing hundreds to thousands of germ-filled droplets in the air.

New York Post

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