How I feel About My Brother's Arrest & What I Can Do To Help

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I’m so proud of my brother today. I’m also disappointed that I don’t have a recent photo of him and I together... anyways, this is him (on the right, my sister on the left). Today he went to rehab. Growing up we were accustomed to seeing drugs around the house... not an excuse... but ya know, Im just so happy he’s taking steps in the right direction. I usually don’t get too deep, but this has been on my mind. F*ck peer pressure. Just do you. Go getttt emmmm Cannon 🙌🙏

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I wrote that ^^^ 4 months ago. i thought my brother would be on the right track after rehab, but that wasn't the case. I didn't understand how difficult addiction truly is. 

A couple of days before my wedding in May, my mom called and informed me that my brother, Cannon, had gotten arrested again.

Basically he was serving a two day sentence for testing positive whilst on probation. The day he got out I called him, told him he could move to Minneapolis, live with me & i'd get him away from his peer pressuring friends. 

He said that was cool and he was excited. 

Later that night I got the call from my mother.

Cannon had been arrested for going 105mph in a 55mph zone. He was drunk. Super drunk actually. Blew a .17 (legal limit in Michigan being a .07). He got sentenced to 100 days in jail, 2 years probation and mandatory AA meetings twice a week. 

I was extremely upset and sad at first, but this is actually a good thing. My brother is sobering up in jail. He's showing active interest in fixing his life when he gets out. He is exercising, reading & setting goals for the future as he spends his time in jail. 

It breaks my heart because the kid is only 19. I feel responsible for not being there for him as much as I should be. Which brings me to the point of this story... If you know someone struggling with addiction, they need you. Yes, they have to fix their self, but they need all the support you can offer. Here's where I land on that:

Thanks for reading! Addiction sucks, but together we can pull through it.


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