Zach Dillon's Weekend in 5 Photos (7-6-18/7-8-18)

Got to take part in a Homerun Derby with Colt and TC the Bear before the Twins game on Saturday... here's a no doubter right here!

I hit 4 homeruns this year!  Last year I hit 3... two years ago I hit 3... so happy I got 4 this year!

I'm surprised TC the Bear actually took a selfie with me after the contest.  He secretly doesn't like me participating in the Homerun derby :)  That's two years in a row I've taken the crown!

I stayed the watch the Twins beat the Orioles too! Sat next to this legend at the game...

then I went and enjoyed an evening at Basilica Block Party and saw Third Eye Blind crush it!

Weather was simply perfect this past weekend in the Twin Cities.  We live for this summer weather, because we all know what's coming sooner than later! 

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