Feel Dumb? Signs You're Smarter Than You Think

We can all be a little hard on ourselves, and it’s super easy to just sit around beating ourselves up instead of realizing the really great things about ourselves. It seems backwards, but a lot of us really struggle with it. Here are some surprising things you might think are bad, but actually probably mean you’re smart:


  • Your desk is messy – A stack of papers and tons of coffee mugs could be a sign of your creativity.
  • You swear a lot – Swearing is actually an indicator of your verbal skills. Swear away!
  • You sleep in – There’s science to show that the smarty pants go to bed later and get up later.
  • You’re a little anxious – If you’re really anxious all the time, it could be a sign that you’re super aware of your surroundings.
  • You like to have a drink – There’s science on this one, too! You could just be gearing up to raise your IQ.
  • You drink wine specifically – Wine drinkers have a higher IQ than non-wine drinkers.
  • You experimented with drugs – The smarter kids are more likely to grow up and experiment with psychoactive drugs.
  • You’re blonde – Who said blondes are dumb? There’s a slight edge in intelligence that blondes have over brunettes.


You can’t say for certain that any of these things ACTUALLY make you smarter. But before you go on hating yourself for things that are a little chaotic in your life, maybe look at the ways you could be better for it!