Steve-O's Vaca in Ten Pics: Wisconsin, Projects and Bachelorette Becca

Vacation started with a road trip to see Dave Matthews Band at Sumemerfest, Dave was good not great but I have to admit Summerfest is a pretty rad event. Non-stop bands from all different genres playing at the same time is pretty cool. 

If you're from Milwaukee I'm sure you know about this house, we went to the restaurant a block away (biggest mozz sticks ever) but does anyone know what this is about? I brought it up to some friends and they said people LOVE the house. 

On our adventure we also went into some antique stores which is when I realized I like antiques but i don't like stores that have 80% of their inventory in glass cases because they're some old ladies figurines from when she was a kid. 

Made it home on Monday. spent a day with the kids and they were off to NY with Grandma until this Wednesday so we've been living the childless couple bit which awesome.

That means more time as dog parents.

Working on some projects at home, a porch swing and we got rid of the sidewalk in front of the house, yes, there's a plan but I just like demolition because I get to take awesome modeling pictures.

Finally, I posted this on insta, Becca from Bachelorette is either stalking me or we're BFF now. My wife and I hungout with Becca and her friends on Saturday at Basillica Block Party. The party was great but CAKE who I really like put on the worst performance EVER.  Tons of talking about stuff I'm not even sure if he knows what he was saying, it was maybe political....i dunno.  

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