Rhino Poachers Killed by a Pride of Lions.

Yesterday, a group of rhino poachers broke into a wildlife preserve and were promptly eaten by a pride of lions.

If that isn't the greatest news story you've heard in a hot second, you need to check yourself.

We all know that, other than big game hunting, poaching is basically the worst thing happening to African wildlife right now. 

People with a lot of money, pay other people to trespass onto private animal sanctuaries and brutally kill these amazing, endangered animals for something stupid like a horn. They are the scum of this earth and deserve to be eaten. So do the people who pay to go into Africa and shoot these animals themselves - personal opinion here. 


This is the shit I'm talking about.

Which is equally as horrible as these assholes.

However, yesterday justice was served as the lions got revenge on the a-hole humans by eating them. I think we can all agree lions are one of the most badass creatures on the planet and I feel like the least we can do is like throw them a parade, or get them unlimited steaks 4 lyfe. 

Lions > Bad People. 

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