Zach Dillon's weekend in 5 pictures 6-29/7-1

Hey! I took Friday off and headed to the lake and we had beautiful weather! So great! I learned how to finally play the card game Golf, went tubing and tanned this pasty white body of mine!

First up is this picture of me on day 2 after day 1 losing not just 1 but 2 pairs of Oakley's in the water.  I suffered through free glasses for the remainder of the trip lol

I had plenty of sun to tan this pasty body this weekend

I finally was taught how to play Golf... this was literally my first round, EVER and I killed it!

My 6 year old son Jonah and 4 year old daughter Averie had a blast on the lake and Averie even went on the tube all by herself!

Lilly pad for days... 

Such a fun weekend... doing it again soon... duh!

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