Minnesota's 15 Best Lakes & The Ones I Want To Visit This Summer

It's my first summer in the Twin Cities and my oh my I love it this time of year!!!

According to the thrillest.com, there are 15 lakes you must visit this summer...

I'll give you the three I want to visit, and the rest you can find HERE.

3.) Lake Mille Lacs. 

They say bigger is actually better when it comes to this spot. The shoreline is spread out through the middle of the state... and apparently you can do some good fishing as well... 

2.) Lake Vermilion

Located miles from Canada, Lake Vermilion would make me feel so disconnected from stresses. They refer to the islands and shorelines as a romantic wonderland with bald eagles guarding the lake.

1.) Lake Nikomis

Living super close to this lake i'm actually mad at myself for not going yet. It looks super dope and it seems like everyone goes out to have a great time.... Maybe i'll pack a cooler one of these weekends and head out for the day!!

Which lake is your favorite?

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