How Colt Wanted His Weekend to Happen in Five Photos

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'It all started downtown when a strange man came up to me and asked me...'

He asked me for money and I said I don't have any. I felt bad, cause I did have money, but i needed it to get into Shout House for my friends birthday. Other than that... nothing really happened lol.

I mean this weekend was cool, but nothing super special went down, I didn't really have any photo worthy moments... Okay. Hold on. I can't do this. That's a lie. I'm just ridiculously forgetful and honestly I didn't even think to grab pictures. I was just living life. 

Here's a picture of someone who isn't hungover as they drink their morning coffee with a pug (I wish I wasn't hungover on Saturday after Shout House).

Here's a picture of someone not stuck in traffic (this weekend traffic was longer than the entry line at Cowboy Jacks).

Here's a picture of a dog that I wish I owned lol

Oh yeah! Here's a photo of Falen killin it at the Pride Parade this weekend. I wish I was as awesome as her...

DANG! This is so negative hahaha.

I'm sorry, I had to drop my wife off at the airport this morning. She still lives in Florida and I wont be seeing her until July (Sad Face).

It sucks, but i'm excited for her to move here for good in December. 

I had a great weekend hanging out with her and spending quality time together before she went home this morning. 

Here's a photo of us crushing it:


Falen, don't sue me for stealing your photo. okurrrr thanks.

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