An App Is Making People Realize When Their Friends Don't Invite Them Places

 If you don't know Venmo, it's an app that people can use to instantly transfer money to each other.

It's getting more and more popular, especially with younger people.  But . . . it's also making those same people realize THEY'RE less popular than they thought.


 One of the features of Venmo is that you can see when one of your friends sends money to someone.  So people are going on Venmo, and noticing that their friends are sending money to each other.  Which means their friends were probably hanging out . . . and they didn't get an invite.

But it's not just friends.  "Venmo anxiety" can hit whenever you're home and you see other people out having fun.  It's kind of like what used to happen back when people used Facebook.



A 23-year-old woman named Caroline Keene told the "New York Post", quote, "Seeing these transactions, even among people I have no desire to be hanging out with, creates a sense of emptiness and unease."



"It's like, '[S***], everybody is doing something on Thursday night, and I'm sitting and reading my book.  Am I a loser?" 

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