Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Rockin Rogers Days and I'm a Firefighter

A big chunk of my weekend was spent at Rockin Rogers Days and for good reason, bands both nights that were pretty good and $3 drinks.  I met a bunch of really nice people that listen to our show on both nights and I was with Falen on Saturday so that made it even better. 

I don't know this group of girls names but they asked to be in my weekend in five pictures blog so I took a picture like this so I wouldn't forget and look at that, I didn't forget. 

A highlight for me was getting to climb into the Rogers FD Engine 11 and turning on the horn and lights.  The assistant fire chief came to see what was going on, he figured a bunch of kids were playing in the trucks - he was right. 

After all the fun of Johnny Holms band and Hairball, while Kristy and her mom were at the Pride Parade downtown I was with the kids at the dog park and got this fun pic of the firstborn with Murray.  

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