Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 6/15 - 6/17

Friday weddings!

Friday 5/15 -

My gorgeous friend Sara got married on Friday in Red Wing at the St. James Hotel. It was such a beautiful setting for a wedding. I was her personal attendant (which I secretly, or not so secretly, love being) it was so much fun to spend the day with her and make sure it was her perfect day.

But actually, how freakin' pretty is her dress!?

Instead of the semi-traditional floral robes a lot of brides have their wedding parties wear, Sara got us these sa-weet & relatable t-shirts.

Fun fact - we did get pizza after the wedding.

Look how pretty much friends are!!


Saturday 5/16 -

I met Falen & Lauren for brunch in Uptown & then Falen gave us some of her honey from her bees!! Honey is my favorite food (other than chicken) so this was v exciting.

The rest of my Saturday was spent with my parents. I made my famous shrimp pasta for dinner. Definitely not a healthy dinner Wednesday situation, but SO good.

Sunday 5/17 -

Grand Poobah Day. Happy Father's Day to the best around, Gar Bear. I took my parents to Deadpool 2 and then lunch. Here is a great pic of me and Gar that perfectly describes our relationship - 22 years later.

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