Zach Dillion Whispered This To Me On Stage at KDWB Star Party

My first KDWB Star Party was insane!!

So much fun... SO MUCH FUN!

It was super awesome seeing everyone who listens to my show in one place.

The artists were phenomenal too. I did my show life backstage... Even got to interview Max:

Oh! Ne-Yo was a solid dude too.


right before we went on stage to intro Ne-Yo... Zach Dillion was like "we should do a performance on stage." I responded, "Whuuut?" 

He decided to sing a little song... I was his hype man... and afterwards I rapped. Lmaooo

Yeah. It was awesome and cringe all at the same time:

Here's everything that happened on my instagram story....

More photos of KDWB Star Party being awesome:

Dope time with a dope crowd!

Thanks for making it awesome  

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