Zach Dillon heads to Minnesota Twins Fantasy Camp!

I started the day out just not believing the day was actually happening!

Then I had to get the BASIC picture of me with my name above me...

Then it was all business for me... getting in the batting cage!

I came about 15 feet from hitting one out of Target Field on this pitch... 

Then it was off to the bullpen to warm up...

I even got a chance to show my best stuff to Bert Blyleven.. excuse me, or should I say Hall of Fame, former Minnesota Twin, Bert Blyleven.  Had to snap a pic!

Here's a short video clip of me fielding ground balls, hitting and pitching yesterday at the Fantasy camp!

It was the quickest 3 hours of my life... but some of the very best! Just a blast to be able to live out my dream as a kid.  More pictures (professional) to come!  You'll be happy to know that they did NOT sign me to a contract and I'll be doing Afternoons on KDWB for many years to come... -z

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