Steve-O Wknd in Five Pics: Dave's Daughters Wedding and Olivia's 5K

The big news this weekend was Dave's daughter, Allison got married on Saturday in a beautiful ceremony in Chaska.  Dave NAILED the Father of the Bride speech, it was both sweet and funny and I think the night was one they'll never forget.  I'm posting two three from the wedding, Kristy and I at the table, a pic we took using the candles that made us laugh for a reason we don't understand and Dave's two sons dancing.  One wanted to dance the other - not so much.  

Backing up a bit, the weekend started with volunteering at Olivia school for Japan day where the kids were participating in traditional Japanese activities. 

The weekend then ended with her doing something pretty incredible.  She completed the Girls on the Run 5k with Kristy and her friend Brynna.  It blows me away that it's something that she loves because I'm the exact opposite, this was not my cup of tea as a kid.  


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