My Lost Chicago Video - 16 Hours in Chicago to see Harry Styles

It only took me 8 months to finish it...

Last September I took a day trip to Chicago to see Harry Styles at the Chicago Theater. Actually, I don't know if you can call it a day trip if you weren't there for 24 hours...

My best friend, Katie, and I are hardcore Harry Styles fans & when he announced he was doing his first tour in theaters we couldn't miss it. Lucky for me, Katie lives in Chicago. So I jumped on a plane and spent 16 hours in my favorite city.

I filmed everything and put it together - check it out below!


Full disclosure. I edited this video last September, but I wanted to make the 16 Hours in Chicago title scroll at the beginning & knew I needed to use After Effects for that. I'm not super familiar with the program and got lazy trying to deal with complications when I first tried to create the motion effect. So here we are, 8 months (and 2.5 days) later.

Hope you enjoyed it!


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