I Got Married! (Colt's Weekend in Five Photos)

This weekend was crazzzzzy fun!! It feels good to be back to a normalish schedule though. Not to mention its so dayum hot in the Twin Cities. I feel like i should be typing this whilst swimming in lake nikomis to be honest.

Anyways, I flew out to Denver on Thursday. My main goal was to not get left at the alter hahah. Luckily that didn't happen. 

We rented out this giant Airbnb on Thursday (we being Jenn, the entire bridal party & me).

We started the night together, broke off, then regrouped to finish the night. We are all super close... guys and girls... so it seemed more natural to celebrate together than not.

Although, I did enjoy the night with the guys in our group that I don't get to see that often:

The next day, we woke up and drove up the mountain to our wedding location, Estes Park. 

Here's a view from our porch:

Later that night, we had our wedding rehearsal. After that, we decided to invite everyone  who came out to Estes Park for our wedding to our rehearsal dinner. Here's a snap of some of my favorites from said dinner:

I might have drank excessivley with family members, but regardless, I woke up the next day on time for our Wedding :)

My little cousin was the ring bearer. He dresses up quite nicely:

A few hours passed and with a few tears and a couple of I dos, we were pronounced Husband and Wife  

That was my weekend! What did you do... besides sweating profusely in Minnesota?

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