Steve-O's Memorial Day Wknd in SIX Pictures: I Build Things!

The weekend started and ended with a crazy storm. Friday we had rain and Kristy's mom came to town with a gift that she pulled out of storage. Kristy says she grew up on a farm but she was rich, she had a LIGHT for her Game Boy. 

Friday night our friends Jen and Jason took us out to dinner at Pittsburgh Blue, side note, why would you ever order your steak well done.  

Memorial Day party on Sunday and if you remember this blast from the past from KDWB then you deserve a prize. 

The fun thing about this picture is that Isaac is buried in sand, it's the fact that it happened at playground in the middle of the heat and his argument was, "hey, it's keeping me cool"

Final two pictures were taken on Monday, I finished a tabletop garden bed which I LOVE and we had another storm and look, HAIL!  

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