Trips, Free Food and More - 11 Best Twin Cities Job Perks

Dave met someone on a plane that worked at Google who said the perks we all hear about our true so we asked what are some of the perks for people here in the Twin Cities.  Here's our top 11...

1. My perk is working from home every day and free hotel stays.

2. My perk would be flex hours. I work in a locked psychiatric hospital and being able to do what I love and essentially make my own hours is incredible.

3. I work at a window dealer and I get all my windows at cost for my house and the best part is my husband is the installer so the installation is also free. I can buy whole house windows for myself for just a few thousand dollars.

4. Working for Monster Energy we get to go to every monster sponsored event, Soundset, x games, drag racing nationals, among many others in each market, free monster gear, and get to give away free gear and free monster, trip to Vegas yearly, and headquarters in California.

5. I work for a mobile company; I get the newest phones for free just so I get to know how they work. Other electronics like apple watches, fit bits, google homes for free and to top it off 50% off my cell phone bill

6. Buddy at general mills gets free milk and cereal all day long

7. I've worked at 3 tech startups in Minneapolis. Unlimited vacation. Snacks, beer, casual dress. The best was having an in-house chef. It deducts $5 per day from you paycheck. You can choose try the main entree, soup, salad bar. It''s a Danish company so that''s standard in Denmark! We also go to Copenhagen once a year as a company to bond and do things like galas, sailing, etc.

8. We have a game room with ping pong and foosball. They encourage playing during breaks and lunch. A couple times a year we have ping pong tournaments. Food and drink is sometimes provided.

9. Got a week of vacation every month and they paid up to $1,000 for airfare to go anywhere in the world

10. I work at J&B Group known for No Name steaks. We have an arcade for a break room, a HUGE discount on food, profit sharing, giveaways and they grill lunch for us a couple times a month

11. Work for a travel agency in Wayzata. We plan luxury safaris among other international adventures and HAVE we to go check them out before we send our clients. I''ve been able to go to all 7 continents because of my job!

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