(Listen) How Does the Best Journalist in the Twin Cities Stay Healthy?

Kate Raddatz is on a Mission

Kate Raddatz from WCCO is a type A personality, she's always on the go with a schedule that lacks any consistency mostly due to the fact that the news day to day isn't consistent. This is one of the things I find interesting about Kate, in the face of chaos she finds a way to keep her head down and focus on what's important to a story.

How does she do it?

 Kate and I have known each other for a while and I've always viewed her as a focused individual always either strategizing or working toward the next goal. 

Where does that drive come from? 

What does she do to find a bit of inner peace?  

How does she keep moving forward when obstacles such as lack of sleep, potential bad food choices and people always watching and judging get in the way?  Find out during this episode. 

Kater Tot

Editors Note: I don't actually know if she's technically the best reporter in the Twin Cities but for the amount she does, it must be true. Hell, she once did a report on a duck stuck in the ice.  We recorded this episode while out on a walk around the shops at the West End and one of our recorders had a horrible hum so we aren't including it in the final mix so excuse any audio issues. I'm also trying out starting the podcast mid-conversation, do you mind it or do you want a formal introduction of the guest?  

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