Please Leave Turtles Alone!

I love turtles.

Carson used to have one, (technically a tortoise) and he was great. "Butch" ate like a pig, grew to be the size of a basketball and watched us when we came in the room to see if we were going to play with him or feed him. He loved pretzels, strawberries and Rice Krispies.

But he kept outgrowing the tanks we had for him so we had to give him to a turtle rescue. He's in a good home now and we hear he's one of the tortoises that come to the Renaissance Festival!

SO, with that being said, here's a great little post on the Roger's Facebook page:

Hello everyone! I would like to make a post on something I find very important. I am not making this post to yell at anyone, nor to call anyone out, but to educate. I work at Pet Smart and recently we have had a lot of people coming in with turtles the size of my palm. 

PLEASE do not disturb these baby turtles. I know they are cute but they are wild animals and should stay that way. Turtles live 30+ years they are a big commitment. 

Some reasons why we do not encourage this are; 1) It is illegal to take a turtle from the wild and hold it in captivity.2) It is almost impossible to find food for these as they eat ONLY live food.(small insects). Any form of pellets they most likely will not eat, they also have zero nutrition. It will most likely die which is really sad, they do feel just like us.3) A habitat and things a turtle needs to survive in captivity will cost you about $400.00 to get everything they need to survive. 4) Turtles are very dirty animals and do not do much, if you want a pet please come in and visit us and we will be more than happy to help you find a new addition to your family.5) Turtles under 6 inches have an extreme high risk of spreading salmonella to humans, especially children who are still developing immune systems.6) It is cruel to take something who has a giant world to live in and put it in a 75 gallon tank. It is like you being taken from the world and forced to live in your closet the rest of your life.......With this all being said I am not in any way trying to upset anyone or call anyone out. But, please be mindful of nature and leave wild animals including baby turtles alone. They will be much happier. <3  


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