Becca Kufrin Is Pulling Off Every Outfit in New Bachelorette Promos

With one more week to go until the new Bachelorette, Becca is pulling some fancy clothes out of her closet. 

Here she is in a $6,000 dress. DAYUMMMMMM that's like 4 grand more than my Fiancee's wedding dress (she wants to spend more after seeing this btw).

Here she is being more famous than I will every be at American Idol:

I feel like being on a TV show would be awesome. My old boss used to host a movie tv show.... they'd show a movie & he'd come on before said movie would break for commercial and insert celebrity info about the actresses and actors on the film... He told me he got a separate paycheck for wardrobe. DOPE.

Hopefully Becca worked that into her contract haha

You ready for the show?!?! 

She is

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