Steve-O Wknd in Five Pics: HELP! We Found Something Gross On Our Kid

Here's the biggest surprise for us over the weekend, yes, that's a TICK! I think it's annoying but my wife thinks its the grossest thing ever. We had to deep clean the house, we're putting spray and bug killer around the house.  We've checked the dogs each and every time they come inside.  Is there anything else we shoudl be doing?  

One thing that went right this weekend, got these baskets up and I just thought they were pretty so I took a pic. 

Isaac had his best buddies birthday party on Saturday.

I also did some meal prep, this is eggless breakfast recipe that's actually pretty good and a total rip off of a breakfast recipe that Falen makes for work.  My recipe doesn't use apples and instead of beef, I use ground turkey and it's really good. 

Finally, here's a picture of the disaster in our backyard. I wanted to build a raised garden bed for it this weekend but that whole tick thing screwed up those plans so hopefully we can do something about that in the next day or two. 

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