Murder Monday: Florida's Killer Clown

Marlene Warren was finishing breakfast with her son and his friends on May 26, 1990, when a white Chrysler LeBaron pulled into the driveway of her home outside West Palm Beach, Florida.

Someone dressed as a clown emerged from the car carrying two balloons and a flower arrangement, authorities said.

Warren answered the door, took the gifts which is when the clown pulled out a gun, shot Warren in the face, walked back to the car and calmly drove away.

Warren died two days later in a hospital.

27 years after Marlene Warren was murdered, it was discovered that Sheila Keen, who at one time worked for Marlene's husband and was a suspect in the case married Michael and moved with him to Virginia. This fact was unique enough to make police re-open this cold case and thanks to technology, they were able to test fibers and arrest Sheila Keen for the murder of Marlene Warren.

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