Colt's Weekend In Five Photos 5/18-5/20

Friday started out with my birthday!

I turned 24... I picked up my Fiancee from the airport & headed into work for a quick meeting. 

Dave Ryan put together a little song and dance in said meeting... wishing me a happy birthday... Loved it! 

Then I ditched work and got drinks/food at CRAVE:

I went home for a hot second and then went back to work and put on somewhat of a badass show. 

It's always great energy on Fridays especially when it's your bday.

After work, I hit up the PourHose in Uptown with some of my friends lol:

Saturday I woke up and decided I needed some cardio.

We hiked around the stone arch bridge for a little bit, but it was so windy and cold:

I went back into work and then came home for dinner. Then i dressed up for a party with Zach Dillion at Babes with Jenn:

On Sunday, we went to the mall of america. We had to do some last minute shopping before our wedding this weekend! I got a dress shirt for the wedding rehearsal and some new sunglasses because i just got LASIK at North Suburban Eye Specialists :)

That was my weekend!

What'd you do?....

I'm sorry, I just can't wait for my wedding. It's extremely challenging to focus on work lol

Wish me luck.

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