Which Of These Two Works of Art Sold For 157.2 Million?

Proving once again that Adam was right in the "Fine Art" episode of "Adam Ruins Everything."

This POS from a few centuries ago just sold for the same amount as the GNP of some countries, even though you could probably pant just as well.

But this piece, made in the modern era by a 16 year old girl with a pencil (See more of her work here) only won a blue ribbon at a children's art competition.

So why is the POS art so valuable and the art that required real talent not? 

Well, the truth is, it's not.

If I'm wrong, please leave your snobby remarks below.

Oh, and I'm sticking to my opinion that the Cherry and the Spoon is the Twin Cities example of crap art that so many people here have been conned into thinking is real art. It's fun and it's cute, but so is Princess Peach, and you don't see a sculpture of her in the sculpture garden.

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