Healthy Way Podcast with 'Lux Hippie Life' Lifestyle Coach Nikki

My goal for The Healthy Way Podcast is to introduce you to as many perspectives as possible because while I enjoy everyone I've been able to speak to on this podcast I also realize it may not be your cup of tea. 

Nikki (@LuxHippieLifestyle) is someone I've known for a few years who's always hustling, trying to better herself and those around her. We have a very personal conversation and I think you'll find a number of great points in this episode that will help you get over humps in your life. 

She had a few great bullet points that I scribbled down during our conversation including 

"Grief is a process of service'

Lack of decision becomes resentment 

And the one we all know but it's a good reminder, "STOP BEING A VICTIM".

More about Nikki from her website,

 I am professionally trained as a Behavioral Health Therapist and Lifestyle Coach, and I have been able to parlay that into a thriving service and lifestyle business. I have launched an online space to share with you how to uniquely create your most beautiful, nourishing and purpose driven life. After spending the last 8 years of my life going through my own spiritual awakening I have cultivated a lens of how to navigate the world, pulling in all the most high-vibrational elements.

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