10 White Lies Parents Tell Kids from Twitter


Here are some of the best white lies parents on Twitter admit to telling their kids

  • “The ice cream man plays music when he’s out of ice cream.”
  • “The WiFi is down, so … no iPad for a while.”
  • “Daddy was on top of me because I was choking on something.”
  • “Me and your mom were just wrestling, we’re huge WWE fans.”
  • “I can make you the same burger that McDonald’s sells at home”
  • “Maybe we can do that later...”
  • “The monster under the bed is vegan.”
  • “It’s the law, you can’t date until you’re 18 or older.”
  • “It’s illegal to turn the light on in the car while driving.”
  • “They don’t make batteries for that toy anymore, aww sorry.”


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