Meghan Markle's Dog was the True Star of the Royal Wedding.

So you might be aware that a little thing happened this weekend called 'the Royal Wedding'.

Unless you have been living under one very large rock, you will know that on Saturday, May 19th, Meghan Markle married Price Harry and made all our princess fairytale dreams come true.

It was a beautiful ceremony. Everyone cheered & cried & it was an overall fantastic event.

HOWEVER, a far more important event happened just days before.

Meghan's adorable pup, Guy (who also just became a pup royal) made his way to Windsor Castle in the most epic form imaginable.

He carpooled with the Queen. 

I mean, talk about living your best life.

If you look in the bottom left corner of the window you can see his tiny puppy head.

Guy is a rescue dog adopted by Meghan in 2015 & is now living that #RoyalLife with his mom and new dad in England. 

We already know the Queen loves animals. She's still a frequent horseback rider and is known to be trailed around the palace by her beloved corgis, who apparently also love Meghan (according to Prince Harry, who they do not love).

So I'd like to wish the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex congratulations on their marriage, but mostly to Guy for being the real MVP of this weekend. 

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