Shawn Mendes Fixing Hailey Baldwin's Dress is Adorable.

Dating rumors have been circulating for months, but Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin finally made it #official last night at the Met Ball.


Shawn Mendes is one of the all time greatest humans. Does Hailey Baldwin deserve him? No idea, but they look hot together, so best of luck. 

Last night was the 20th Met Ball. The first Monday in May when all the celebs come out in sups fancy outfits to benefit the costume exhibits of the Met Museum in New York. Hailey and Shawn were dressed by Tommy Hilfiger. Hailey's dress was GORG and featured a long train. Shawn, being the world's greatest boyfriend helped adjust Hailey's train so it looked perfect in photos. 

He even made sure to walk behind her as to avoid accidentally stepping on the train and tripping her. WE DO NOT DESERVE HIM!

BRB. Just going to wallow in self pity real quick that no guy will ever love me this much.

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