Johnny Depp Attacked Crew Member, Offering Him $100k to Fight Back

According to page six,

Johnny Depp went a tad crazy on the set of his upcoming film "LAbyrinth." The fight included Depp who attempted to punch a production worker. 

During the spat, Depp yelled out "I'll give you $100,000 to punch me right now!" 

Obviously his body guards stepped in and pulled him off the set. 

Why is Johnny Depp the way he is? Hahah i remember back in the day being so excited to see him in the Pirates movies. They were and are so good!!! I think he is just lost in his crazy entertainment business life. It's no excuse, but when you mix alcohol and drug in with said crazy lifestyle I see how things could get blurry.

Anyways, hopefully you find your way soon, Captain Jack Sparrow. 

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