Colt's Weekend In 5 Photos 5/4-5/6

This weekend was sooooo much fun!

The craziness started on Friday.

 I woke up to my Fiancee calling me. We're in the middle of finalizing our wedding details as our wedding date is the end of this month. 

She was in Estes Park, Colorado, at our wedding location, and she sent me a photo of where we'll be standing when we say our 'I Do's.'

On Saturday, I drove to the airport and picked up my fiancee. We went hope and chilled for a second and then went to The Mall of America!! So much fun!! It was my first experience there since I moved to Minneapolis. 

I got jorts and took this photo that makes me look sort of like a tool.

Later that night we went home and decided to relax whilst watching a movie on Netflix with our cats. I know i know i know i'm super basic.

Here's one of my cats on our futon!

Sunday was probably the best day i've had in a really long time.

It was super nice so Jenn and I decided to go to Lake Calhoun. It was so beautiful. It reminded us a lot of home. We grew up in Traverse City Michigan and the lakes/trails are so beautiful there. This reminded us of that. We finally felt home. It was so nice :)

Afterwards, we went to The Loop and got lunch... shopped at costco... then had friends over to play a game of Catan. 

All good things this weekend. 

Thanks for being a part of it via this blog post haha

What did you do??

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