Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: It Was My Bday So I Hung out with Animals

Morning show threw me a party on Friday morning and this is one of the awesome gifts that I got from Dave that I love.  

Friday evening our kids had a carnival at their school, what says headache more than a couple hundred kids running around playing carnival games, eating pizza, having their faces painted and hair sprayed. We bought $20 in tickets for each kid and of course we ended up giving half of em' away because as soon as they saw their friends they wanted to play on the playground which was FREE!  

Saturday morning was the Walk for Animals which was an awesome time. This picture is cool because if you don't recognize this couple, they're the Star Wars couple that was married at the movie premiere down at the MN Zoo a few years ago.  If you were wondering yes, the little blonde haired baby is their CHILD!  OMG!  

A lizard that got to hand out on me for a few minutes at the walk

Birthday gift from the kids, I don't know why but I love sunflowers so they got me a bunch of stuff to plant more of em' in our backyard this summer. The birthday party on Saturday night was good, originally wanted to go outside but of course the short thunderstorm kind of messed up our plans but we still made due and had a good night.

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