Colt's Weekend In Five Photos *She Made It* 4/27-4/29

Okay, I don't know what in the heelllll I was thinking.

I started out Friday by wearing my transitional glasses and pleather jacket.

As you can see I look like a wanna be badass who could never make it in a boy band ^^^^

Anyways, later Friday I finished up my night show on KDWB & headed to Uptown. 

I went to a lil bar you might refer to as Up-Down. I played some games, had some drinks & snapped this photo:


I woke up, went to work for a minute & got brunch at this place called the Lynhall. It's like a european type brunch/bakery place. SUPER good and reasonably priced. 

We met our friends Alyse and Linda there. After that we went to her place in Saint Paul and met up with a few more friends (Katie + Devin). We played a game called Settlers of Catan. I lost. lol 

On Sunday we decided that our diets are already ruined, so why not destroy them even more with a back to back brunch date. 

We went to Alyse' house, which is actually owned by our other friend McKenzie, but that's a different story....

Devin & Katie came over as well and we had a grand ol' time:

We went into downtown Saint Paul and grabbed coffee at spy house afterwards. 

Later that night we drove to Edina AMC theaters and caught a viewing of 'A Quiet Place.' 


Also, the seats reclined which is dope. I snapped this pic before the previews even started because we were super early haha

After the movie we drove back home to Saint Louis Park and passed out after playing with our cats. 

This weekend was soooo awesome. I'm glad I got to spend it with my fiance, Jenn. She still lives and Florida, but luckily she came up this weekend. I'm feel so lucky that I get to work in such an awesome City.

What did you do?

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